The number of 3D screens around the world is rapidly increasing and thereby creating a serious lack of con tent.

“There are simply not enough movies.“
Peter Dobson, CEO Mann Theatres

EUROPEANMOTIONPICTURES "The Forbidden Girl" project is in postproduction and fits the need of a growing 3-D market. Since screens are available but content is not - even a moderate budget production has a very high chance of going theatrical in the U.S and the rest of the world now.

Consequently EMP has teamed up with one of the strongest players in the Hollywood independent market- SHORELINE ENTERTAINMENT- to make „THE FORBIDDEN GIRL“ a success. Morris Ruskin, chief of the Los Angeles-based financing, sales and production outfit has brought hundreds of films to the marketplace.

This year Shoreline represented four films in Sundance including Elephant Eye Films’ The Maid, which won the World Cinema Grand Jury Prize and is currently in theatres, and The Queen and I, soon to be released theatrically by Seventh Art Releasing. By consistently working with prominent writers and directors and by developing and acquiring projects that are attractive to the major studios, mini-majors, and foreign markets alike, Morris’ expertise will create the best launch pad for „THE FORBIDDEN GIRL“ in the international film scene.

„THE FORBIDDEN GIRL“ will be helmed by one of the up and coming talents of Germany’s New Wave of directors from Berlin. Educated in Prague and Budapest film schools, Till Hastreiter won several awards with his debut film, Status YO. With a background in both art-house independent and high budget commercials, Till Hastreiter is a unique professional who delivers high production values on very tight budgets.

Shot on location in Berlin with a highly professional and motivated crew and production company "THE FORBIDDEN GIRL" is just the right project to be part of.

„By the way, the 2012 theatrical release in Germany is already fixed.“

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MORRIS RUSKIN – CEO Shoreline Entertainment

Over the course of producing over forty-five films, Morris Ruskin has structured deals that incorporate deferments, soft money and international co-productions in order to create financially-viable motion pictures. These productions focus on bankable genre content and star-driven projects that can secure success in a sometimes-uneven marketplace. Amongst such productions are Glengarry Glen Ross, The Man from Elysian Fields, Lakeboat, Price of Glory, Marilyn Hotchkiss Ballroom Dancing & Charm School, The Visit, Everything's Gone Green, The Signal and Weirdsville.

Morris is no stranger to the festival circuit. Three of his films have premiered at Sundance; six have premiered at The Toronto International Film Festival; he's produced the opening night selection at Slamdance; and High Life was his first production to premiere at the Berlin International Film Festival last February. Morris' films have been frequently feted as well: The Visit was nominated for four Spirit Awards and The Signal was nominated for The Cassavetes Spirit Award.

Morris is presently also in production on an other stereoscopic, RealD 3D-animated film based on a comic book and is in postproduction on Master Harold and the Boys, which is based on Athol Fugard's famous play and stars Ving Rhames and Freddie Highmore.

By persistently working with prominent writers and directors and by developing and acquiring projects that are attractive to the major studios, mini-majors, and foreign markets alike, Morris has ensured for over seventeen years that Shoreline remains a stable yet versatile and ever-evolving organization.

Filmography Producer
• Glengarry Glen Ross
• Lakeboat
• The Signal
• Dancing and Charme School
• The Visit
and many more

Filmography Mainsale
• The Maid
• The Queen and I
• Zona Sur
and many more

After graduating from the School of International Marketing (WAK) in Cologne, Holger went on to create campaigns for global brands for a variety of advertising agencies. In 1998, he moved into production, produ cing commercials for Nike, Sony and Yamaha among others. In 2000, he founded the independent arthouse production company DISCOFILM. With his partners Arne Ludwig and Felix Blum, he has produced two award-winning full-length feature films: “Status Yo!” and “Die Blaue Grenze”, as well as a full-length docu mentary called “The Big Sellout”. During 2005-2006, Holger worked as a creative producer developing a martial arts action movie and the first season of a TV series for Germany’s leading broadcaster RTL. In 2007 he produced a english speaking horror movie „THE BREEDER“.

• STATUS YO! 2004, 120 Minuten
• Die Blaue Grenze 2005, 102 Minuten
• Der Große Ausverkauf 2006, 94 Minuten
• The Breeder 2007, 90 Minuten

Selected Awards (Producerer)
• Fantastic Film Festival Lund: Silver MÉLiČS AWARD Best European Feature 2006
• Fantastic fest Austin: Best Cinemoatograpie 2006
• Grand Jury Prize: best feature Cuba 2006
• Best feature cinematography Cuba 2006
• Festival German Film in Ludwigshafen: Audicence Award 2005
• Fantasporto: Best Cinemoatograpie 2006
• Fantasporto: Grand Award of Portuguese Critics 2005
• Filmfest Oldenburg: Honorary Jury Award 2005
• Art Directors Club Germany 2000: Gold und Silver Nail der TV- und Kino-Kampagne
„Supersonic“ für Kawasaki

Till started his film studies at Prague’s film school and then graduates from the Budapest International Film School in 1997, both as a director and cinematogra pher. In 1998 he establishes his own Swiss production company GUTE FILME, trough that he directs and pro duces award winning international commercials till this day.

His first full-length feature film „STATUS YO!“ was the audience’s favorite at the Berlin Film Festival in 2004 and keeps winning prizes at festivals all around the world. Praised by the press as „stroke of genius“, the film was shown theatrically in Europe and was relea sed later on DVD by SONY.

Till just finished the postproduction of his first english speaking movie, THE BREEDER a horror thriller shot in the caucasian mountains. At present, Hastreiter is in post-production of his first stereoscopic feature film, available September 2011.

In 2011 he will direct a big budget German Production for STUDIO CANAL and KINOWELT. Besides he su pervises the content development for a Swiss private equity film fond and also teaches „low budget film ma king“ in third world countries for the German Cultural Institute, GOETHE.

Filmography Director
• STATUS YO! 2004, 120 Minuten
• The Breeder 2007, 90 Minuten

Awards / Selected FestivaL Selections (DIrector/Producer)
• Grand Jury Prize: best feature Cuba 2006
• Best feature cinematography Cuba 2006
• Port Townsend: (USA) 2006 best narrative film
• BERLINALE – 2004: Sektion Forum
• International Film Festival Hof 2005: Förderpreis Deutscher Film
• Silver Pardino Festival Internazionale Locarno 2003
• ITFA Köln: golden pyramid 1999
• corporate media 1999: special jury award
• corporate media 1999: master of excellence

Ingo studied Fine Arts in the Multimedia class of Daniel Spoerri and Film in Robert van Ackeren class. He directed and produced several children and youth programs for the WDR in Cologne – e.g. the children program "Sendung mit der Maus" which has been broadcasted with an unbeaten number of repetitions the Mouse Special "Mouse in Space".

In the early nineties he created the first online art web-site in Europe "Artworks" and founded the INTEL "State of the Art gallery" as a 3-D virtual-gallery in the web. As a specialist for Cross-Media content and production he worked for leading German companies and agencies like Bayer, Mercedes, K2 Sports, Springer&Jacoby, Dentsu, Michael Schirner. He became New Media consultant of the German Chancellor Dr. Helmut Kohl.

At European Motion Pictures he is responsible for Marketing & Investor Relations and is the producer of the 3D movie "The forbidden Girl".

• The Last Pimp 2009, 90 minutes
• The Breeder 2007, 90 Minuten

Selected Awards (Producer)
• Goldener Spatz" 1. price children filmfestival Gera for
"Journey to the Maya Gods" feature
• "Award of Master" for best Production "K2 Witches on Wheels"
• "Award of Master" for best Special Effects "K2 Witches on Wheels"
• "Animago" Computer Animation-Award for "K2 Witches on Wheels"•